CORPORATE ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY                                                 

Audubon Metals LLC is committed to environmentally sound practices in the reclamation of non-ferrous metals and the production of secondary aluminum alloys.


In effort to achieve our company Vision Statement commitment to have a positive impact on the environment, Audubon Metals LLC shall implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) according to the ISO14001:2015 standards.   Audubon Metals LLC shall:


  • Comply with all relevant federal, state and local environmental regulations and other requirements to which Audubon subscribes and excel beyond established standards when feasible; 
  • Uphold a commitment to the protection of the environment; 
  • Identify concerns of the community and respond to any inquiries involving environmental aspects that may impact our team members and/or neighbors; 
  • Train personnel and those who work on our behalf, on relevant ISO14001 information; and 
  • Sustain a commitment to minimize the environmental impact of Audubon Metals LLC by establishing methods to continually assess and improve the EMS;


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the basic foundation of our business.  Audubon Metals LLC believes that our environmental goals and objectives can be achieved through cooperation and communication with our team members, vendors, suppliers, customers and the community.


Audubon Metals LLC team members are expected to adhere to this policy and report any environmental concerns.

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