Audubon Metals LLC is located in Henderson, Kentucky and is owned by an affiliate of

Koch Enterprises Inc., headquartered in Evansville, Indiana.

Audubon Metals LLC, is a unique facility that is the only heavy-media separator and secondary specification aluminum alloy producer under one roof in the United States.

In our estimation, from the time that an automobile is first shredded, to the time a new aluminum casting is shipped, an average of over 42 days have elapsed.

In our system, automobile shredder residue (zorba) is processed, dried, melted, alloyed to customer specification, and delivered to diecasters throughout the Midwest in just a matter of days.

With the contributions of our raw material and end-use market partners and an efficient internal operational process, Audubon Metals LLC has accelerated the recycling process of automobile shredder residue into new secondary aluminum alloy castings.

This is the uniqueness of Audubon Metals LLC.

Quality Policy

In partnership with our global customers and suppliers, Audubon Metals LLC is committed to the innovative creation and continuous improvement of sustainable processes, generating high-quality, competitively priced recycled products that surpass customer expectations.

Registered for ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001:2015 and ANS/ISO 14001:2015 by SRI Quality Registrar

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